Nox ML10 Pro Cup Limited Edition Pack 2023

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211,25 € tax incl.

325,00 € tax incl.


For fans of Miguel Lamperti's charisma, the new ML10 Pro Cup LTD Edition 2023 is more than just a racquet.

The contents of this Collector's Edition Pack include:

The all-new ML10 Pro Cup LTD Edition 2023 racquet.
Two black NOX straps with silver logo.
Two interchangeable safety cords designed exclusively for the LTD pack.
A key ring faithfully reproducing the ML10 Pro Cup LTD Edition 2023 racket, specially designed for this LTD pack.


HR3 Core: HR3 foam accelerates the recovery of the racket's core shape after impact, delivering maximum power on all shots to the racket.
Carbon 18K: Racquets are made by interlacing fiber strands to form small squares, and Nox uses 18K fibers to give the racquet greater durability.
Dynamic Composite Structure (DCS): The volume of material is densified, making it less likely that hits from the outer areas of the racket will cause the fibers to cut or the rubber in the core to flatten.
Exclusive Spin+: This technology offers two types of rough finish on the surface of the racket, enabling better control and the possibility of imparting more spin to the ball.

SmartStrap: a system that lets you change the strap to personalize the racket or improve hygiene without manipulating the tip.
With the ML10 Pro Cup LTD Edition 2023, you get much more than just a racket; it's a real jewel designed for fans of the game and admirers of Miguel Lamperti.

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